Here are the credits to who helped me. They are awesome!

  • Apple - For making macOS at first.

  • Clover team - For making the boot-loader.

  • AMD OS X, r/Hackintosh and InsanelyMac - For the hackintosh community.

  • CorpNewt - For writing the gibMacOS and MakeInstall scipts. Also for his original guide and config.plist per hardware. Link is here!

  • Midi - For writing the Network Install Guide. Also for Actual Installation pages and Posty-Posty... page.

  • NoOne - For his original Legacy AMD Vanilla Guide.

  • Algrey - For patching the kernel on AMD. Without him, the whole process for AMD will be much more complicated.

  • Shaneee - For his original Vanilla AMD Hackintosh Guide. Link to his guide.

  • MykolaG (u/dracoflar, khronokernel) - For the help of the AMD Config.plist guide and the GPU Buyers Guide. His guides are awesome. Make sure to check them out!

  • And many more kind people - For proofreading my guide.