From Windows

We'll use MakeInstall in gibMacOS folder.
  1. Plug in your USB.

  2. Run MakeInstall.bat inside the gibMacOS folder.

  3. A Command Prompt window should pop up. Your USB should be listed. Enter the number in front of your USB and press Enter.

  4. It will format your USB. After that, shift + right click and copy the path of the downloaded macOS package gibMacOS/macOS Downloads/publicrelease/xxx-xxxxx - xx.xx.x macOS xxxx/XXXX.pkg

    to the cmd window and press enter.

  5. It will start to extract the resources and restore them to your USB drive. This will take some time depending your USB speed. Be patient (again)! The script will automatically install Clover (boot-loader) to your USB after restoring the files.

  6. Go to Configuring Clover in Windows after finishing this part.