Setting SMBIOS.
  1. Prepare your config.plist which you've made.

  2. Download or clone the whole repo of GenSMBIOS.

  3. Open the folder and open GenSMBIOS.bat (on Windows) or right-click open GenSMBIOS.command (on macOS)

  4. Enter 1 and enter. (for update/install MacSerial)

  5. Then enter 2 and enter.

  6. Drag and drop your config.plist and press enter.

  7. Y.

  8. Enter 3 and enter.

  9. Enter the SMBIOS you want to generate and enter the number of SMBIOS amount. Press enter. For AMD System, here is the list of SMBIOS recommended from the most to the least: - iMacPro1,1 (most recommended) - iMac14,2 (also recommended) - MacPro6,1 (a little bit old but it works) - MacPro5,1 (outdated and already lost support on Catalina) - Other SMBIOS (not recommended as they might cause problems)

  10. The first SMBIOS will be flushed into your chosen config.plist.

  11. Go to this website to check if your serial number is valid or not. We want a invalid serial number.

  12. If you get an invalid serial number, finish. If not, redo the whole proccess until you have a invalid serial number.

Steps 1 - 10 (Generating SMBIOS)
Steps 11 - 12 (Checking Serial Number)